Agile Interventions
Effective practices to influence & catalize transformation in rapidly evolving environments
Knowledge Areas
Agile Change Management
Influence and catalyze transformation in rapidly evolving environments.
Lean Innovation
Developing new business models and/or expanding revenue streams
Radical Learning
Incorporating continuous learning into the DNA of the organization
Our Certifications
Become a certified agile interventionist
  • Agile Intervention Architect
    Manage an adaptive portfolio of transformational initiatives, introduce business agility and scale a lean enterprise.
  • Agile Change Agent
    Discover how to lead agile interventions to transform behaviors, minimize change fatigue and enable a lean culture.
  • Business Agility Masterclass
    Catalyze transformation by changing the rules of engagement, and propagate vital behaviors like a systemic wave.
  • Shiftup: Business Agility & Innovation Leader
Deep Dive
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Key Principles
Making it Stick
Learning 3.0
Managing Interventions
Lego Serious Play
Continuous Improvement
Lean Startup